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Individual Units

Provide facial skincare treatment - £480
Provide body massage treatments - £430
Provide facial electrical treatments - £840


Frequent start dates - contact us for our latest start dates. Fully inclusive of registration fees and certificate.
Provide facial skincare treatment 

This unit is about improving and maintaining facial skin conditions using a variety of treatments. These treatments include skin exfoliation, skin warming, extraction, facial massage, mask treatments, and the use of facial products.  Such treatments must be successfully provided to a range of clients with a variety of skin types and conditions.


Provide body massage treatments 

This unit is about the skills involved in providing head and body massage treatments. It covers manual massage of the head and body as well as mechanical body massage techniques. The ability to adapt massage techniques to suit individual client needs is a crucial requirement of this unit.


Provide facial electrical treatments

This unit is about improving face and skin condition using direct high frequency, galvanic, EMS, micro-current, lymphatic drainage, and micro-dermabrasion equipment.  It covers the skills involved in providing a thorough consultation with the client to formulate a specific course of
treatment tailored to individual client needs. The ability to provide relevant aftercare advice is also required.



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