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Time to Pucker up Kylie Jenner Style

I must admit I was very upset to see so many posts on facebook of girls trying the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and it going so horribly wrong. You may have seen the warnings advising people against participating in this very dangerours challenge.

The hope was that they’ll end up with pouty lips like the reality TV star.

This got me to thinking lets post some simple pain free ways of making your lips look full and gorgeous so heres Essex Beauty Training Schools top five tips.

  1. First of all get your lips looking super soft chapped lips will never look as full and kissable so use a wet toothbrush in circular motions to remove any dead skin cells from the lips

  2. Use a lip pencil to colour in your cupids bow and the whole lip as this will make the lip look fuller Pixie woo suggest MAC Soar for that Kylie Jenner look

  3. You know how black is a really slimming colour for your figure? Well, darker colours in general can make your lips look smaller than what they are! This makeup tip to make lips look bigger all revolves around colour! Avoid darker colours, because they will shrink your lips instead of make them plump and lush!

  1. Did you know that shiny lips actually look much fuller than they actually are? So after your lipstick (or even instead of your lipstick), why not slather on a bit of gloss to make your lips look slick and chic?

  2. Remember when I talked about exfoliating? Try to do it with a little bit of cinnamon on the toothbrush . The cinnamon will wake up your senses and will stimulate your lips to make them that much more plump and luscious. This trick works for me all of the time!

This may take some practice, but it will pay off when you master it! To get this #look, apply a slightly darker lip gloss, or lipstick, to the middle of your lips. After that step is complete, line the outer ridges in a significantly lighter color. This creates a pout that looks like you're ready to give someone a kiss!

So that's our top five tips why not give these a go and send us some pics of your beautiful lips.

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