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Dealing with Lockdown - Mobile and Salon Therapists

As we all know too well, Hair and Beauty was one of the sectors hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to shut our doors, cease trading. Then, when the time came to re-open, we had to operate withing the restrictions set out. Social distancing reduced salon capacity by up to 70% on average meaning that we were losing around 2 hours per therapist per day. If you are still operating today - well done, it has been tough.

So how do we plug that gap? How can we boost out income when we cannot physically see any more clients?

We all know that product sales boost our income and if you are not offering products to your clients, you should start. The next step, and one answer to boosting your income could be subscription boxes.

A report from Royal Mail predicts the subscription box market will grow by 72% in the next year. The pandemic has boosted the subscription box market, with 2 in 5 consumers signing up to a subscription box since the Start of the pandemic. I can only see this growing, especially with the continuous change in restrictions.

A carefully thought out, tailored subscription box could really boost your income. Think about your most loyal clients, if they could not get to you, what would they need at home to maintain their beauty routines?

Keep it simple, there is no point sending things that bamboozle your clients. Design your boxes so that the client has everything they need and clear instructions on how to use it all step by step.

The possibilities are endless, you could create make up boxes, body boxes, hair boxes, skin boxes all to suit your clients’ individual needs. Just remember to cost it all out properly, do not charge £15 a month and then fill it with £25 of goodies!


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