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Beauty Must Have's - Travel Edition

As we all know, when we're jetting off on our well earned summer holiday ever kg of luggage counts. You pack everything, you weigh your bag - too heavy. You start having to make difficult decisions about what you really NEED to take.

So to help you out a bit - we've put together our beauty holiday essentials.

1. Body Brush - By now if you've read any of our other blogs, or seen any of our you tube videos, you'll know we do love a body brush at Essex Beauty Training School. A light, portable alternative are exfoliating gloves. Either product will exfoliate your skin meaning your tan will look better and last longer.

2. Sun Cream - I can not stress the importance of wearing sun cream - and at least a factor 30. Most people believe - wrongly - that a high factor cream prevents you from getting a tan. However, if you use a higher factor, there's a much greater chance that your tan will last longer as using a low factor SPF will increase the risk of damaging the skin and may result in sunburn.

3. Serum for the Face and Body - Body and Face Serums penetrate into the skin much easier than body lotions or face creams. This makes them perfect for hot climates when your skin gets dehydrated from the sun. For a real cooling treat keep the serum in the fridge.

4. Waterproof Mascara - This one needs no explaination - don't leave home without it!

What is the one thing that you wouldn't go on holiday without?

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