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Course of the month - BB Glow Training

Strangely this little blog on BB Glow is going to start by talking about Microblading. When therapist first started performing microblading they were met with a lot of resistance – why would anyone let someone scratch their skin and fill those scratches with pigment.

However, it took off, Microblading took the beauty world by storm. Talk to your circle of friends and you can guarantee that either they’ve had it done or they know someone that’s had it done. You yourself may have even had it done.

So the naturally after the great success of microblading thoughts led to how else pigments could be used to enhance our face and thus BB Glow Semi Permanent Foundation was created.

The process works using the same concepts as microblading but as the area of coverage required is so much larger a slightly different process is implemented to deliver the pigment to the skin.

In the BB Glow treatment micro-needling is used to create tiny pinpricks all over the skin. Alone micro-needling is a great treatment to increase the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. The pinpricks force the skin to heel and become stronger than before. Instead of injecting the skin with a line-smoothing serum or something similar for the BB Glow treatment a skin coloured pigment is used.

The results will make clients look like they’ve woken up each day with a beautiful even skin tone, hyperpigmentation with be reduced or illuminated altogether and minor defects and flaws will be hidden. It produces great results in particular for people with red skin to eliminate rosacea, redness and broken capillaries. Like microblading it won’t wash off in the shower.

If you would like to offer BB Glow to your clients then get in touch. We have options for therapists who have none of the pre-requisite courses, some of the pre-requisite course, or for the experienced therapists with all the pre-requisite qualification we offer just the BB Glow Training.

We look forward to training you in this exciting treatment in 2019 so that you can offer it to your clients.

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